Sponsors such as those shown below provide crucial support for the nationwide advancement of career and technical information at the secondary and post-secondary levels. Our sponsors provide valuable information regarding products and services that improve educational effectiveness and student success while helping NACTEI offer affordable registration fees. Sponsorship options are detailed here. For more information or to arrange a sponsorship, contact Monieca West at monieca.west@adhe.edu or call 501.371.2018.

Brunstein & Manasevit, PLLC

Brustein & Manasevit, PLLC is a Washington D.C. based law firm with a nationwide federal education and workforce practice. The firm provides legal, consultant and training services to State, local, and postsecondary education agencies on a broad range of compliance, audit, and monitoring issues related to federal oversight. They have been closely aligned with NACTEI for 36 years.

For more information visit, bruman.com.




PTD Technology

PTD Technology is a technology solutions provider for businesses, the retail market, non-profit, higher education, and government entities. They assist customers to capitalize on their technology to increase profitability, efficiency, and the ability to provide enhanced service to their clients. PTD specializes in custom applications, technological education, consulting, project management, technical writing, and IT support.





boasts a forty-one year history of operating a consortium of states for which members pool efforts to develop competency-based career and technical education resources that are validated by business, industry, and labor. CTECS encourages the exchange of knowledge and resources collaboratively and successfully facilitates a complete occupational analysis system whereby data is collected from incumbent workers for the specified occupational area, giving them the ability to customize assessments and services to meet individual member and partner needs.

For more information visit, ctecs.org.


Team TRI


For nearly two decades TRI Leadership has been dedicated to helping our clients and partners triumph and win. Leadership is at the core of Team TRI whether that is leadership of individuals through training and development, of communities through event management or organizations through association leadership. Each year TRI will reach more than 100,000 individuals through our leadership programs, conferences, training, events and curriculum and manage nearly $2 million in nonprofit association assets.






With five decades of experience and a continuous commitment to CTE, NOCTI is the leading provider of secondary and post-secondary instructional improvement tools. In addition to offering 100+ industry-based credentials, NOCTI provides standards and assessment development, delivery, scoring, psychometric analysis, specialized reporting, professional development and assessment program management services.

For more information visit, nocti.org.


You spend extensive effort keeping up with reporting requirements. You’d like to make it easier, not only for required reports, but to know key facts about your CTE program, instantly. Eduthings loves data and specializes in saving you time with accurate information.

For more information visit, eduthings.com


Unmanned Safety Institute

The Unmanned Safety Institute® brings over 30 years of experience in UAS flight safety operations. They work around the world delivering UAS safety training and certification programs. The Institute employs subject matter experts from disciplines including human factors, aeronautics, autonomous technology, safety assurance, and much more. Their training programs and certifications have been adopted by some of the world’s largest government organizations and commercial enterprises and they are the only training organization recognized by major aviation insurance providers and the FAA.

For more information, visit unmannedsafetyinstitute.org






Nepris is a web-based platform that makes it easy for teachers to connect with industry professionals. It provides a way to invite teachers in the classroom to bring real world relevance to curriculum topics, to help evaluate student projects and to engage and inspire students in STEM.

For more information visit, nepris.com.





The Ruboyianes Company
– In addition to providing tax preparation and tax planning services, The Ruboyianes Company provides a number of other services to handle all of your tax and accounting needs. Some of these services include QuickBooks consulting, sales tax returns, cost segregation services, monthly bill paying, and preparation of monthly financial statements. They also have a full service insurance firm that is an independent agency, meaning they can price your insurance with multiple carriers in order to ensure that you are always receiving the correct insurance at the best price.

For more information visit, ruboyianes.com.



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