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The 40th Annual Conference is VIRTUAL!

The National Association for Career Technical Education Information (NACTEI) is proud to host a virtual National Perkins Leadership Conference for 2021.  We were originally planning to be in San Antonio, Texas where our theme was to be “CTE: Boots on the Ground.”  Virtual or not, we are all still taking care of CTE and Perkins business—boots on the group at the office, the school, or at home.

The NACTEI Conference will be offered live on Monday, May 10, 2021 and Tuesday, May 11, 2021. More conference information.


NACTEI is the National Association for Career & Technical Education Information. The NACTEI annual conference provides professional development and training for recipients of the federal Carl D. Perkins program with emphasis on career and technical education information, finance and accountability systems. The conference provides the opportunity to exchange ideas; discuss and recommend policy; promote the establishment of effective local, state, and federal career & technical education information systems; and contribute to a national career & technical education communication information network.

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NACTEI conference sponsors provide valuable information regarding products and services that improve career and technical educational effectiveness and student success while helping NACTEI offer affordable registration fees. Click here learn more about conference sponsors and to find out how your company might be involved in the Nashville conference.